Salad are a UK-based indie band formed in London, England in 1992 by Marijne van der Vlugt, Paul Kennedy, Pete Brown and Rob Wakeman.

Salad released their hit debut album Drink Me in 1995 featuring singles Drink the Elixir and Motorbike to Heaven, which can still be heard cheering up the soundwaves on BBC Radio 6Music.

Follow up Ice Cream (1997) was produced by Donald Ross Skinner, with Charley Stone joining as a live member in 1996. Why are we telling you this? Because they ended up in the band for real when Salad reformed in 2017.

Paul and Marijne started writing together again in 2016 and recorded the album, Good Love Bad Love,  with Donald under the name Salad Undressed, then gathered  Saladtracks from the unreleased follow up of the 90s Ice Cream, called it Salad – The Lost Album Vol. 1 and released both through a successful PledgeMusic crowdfunding campaign in 2017.

The full Salad band got back together to play the Indie Daze Festival 2017 (with Donald taking over the drum role from Rob). A headlining tour followed in April 2018.

They released their first single in 21 years, The Selfishness of Love, on November 9th 2018.

Now they are about to release the first Salad album since 1997, The Salad Way, on August 30th 2019, available now for pre-order

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